About The Founder


Diabetes is a metabolic disorder caused either by a deficiency of the digestive hormone called insulin or the inability of the body cells to use available insulin. Diabetes is one of the commonest diseases in the world today. It has been reported that every 28 seconds, someone is diagnosed with diabetes.

What used to be regarded as a disease of the affluent and the rich no affects the poor as well.


  • IRO D is a very bitter herb when used for treatment of diabetes it drastically reduced sugar levels and helps in stabilizing the body
  • It helps in repairing the pancreas
  • It strengthens the kidney to do its job
  • It helps in restoring the body to its natural balances and provides energy to vital Organs.

The herbs from which IRO D is made from harvested at specific times of the day according to African Herbal Cure Traditions. Iro-D is produced under strict hygienic conditions, made from 100% African herbs in compliance with African Medicine formula. No artificial flavor or additive is added. It is completely natural and refreshing for the body.